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Exciting Games for girls, come join me playing the games below:

Angelina the Balleria
Barbie Dress Up Game


Printable Coloring Pages
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Fall Leaves
Globe & School Supplies
Playing at School
Pumpkin Patch
Not In Vain
Fruit Fractions
Fruit & Vegetables
I Love You Mom
Mary & Joseph
Mary & Jesus
The Lamb

hell is real

Hey Kids,

Did you know that Hell is REAL? Now, you really do not want to go to the place called hell, it's very hot!

It is certainly not a place for the children of God, so you must live your life like God askes you to in the Bible. Ask you mom, dad, pastor, or older sister and brother to read the Bible to you.

I am sure you will find that living your life for God is a great thing. It will enrich your life to the full measure of what God's purpose for your life should be.

Go now, ask your parents to talk to you about what the Bible has to say about hell.

I want to see you in Heaven someday!

Our History, Heroes , & Heroins
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Secretary of State (US)
Condoleeza Rice

venus williams
Mark Dean, head of IBM's Almaden Research Center in San Jose
Daisy Bates
Successful African American Tennis Player Serena Williams
Venus Willams, big sister of Serena Williams. Both are Campion Tennis Players

Cassandra Chandler
Assistant Director
Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Chauncey Bailey
The Oakland Tribune Editor

Daisy Bates
President of the Arkansas NAACP.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Civil Rights Activist
Martin Luther King, Jr.
alphabet game


Learn your ABC"s with your church today. Here are all the alphabets to help you along the way. Suprise your mom and dad, by learning your aphabet and saying it to them once each week. You will be suprised how much fun sharing your letters with your parents can be. You will be writing in no time! Let's get started now.

Barack and Michelle Obama

First Viable African American Presidental Candidate and First Lady (2008) Barack Obama

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Write a short story to your Pastor today, tell him how much he means to you and your family, it's fun!



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