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Jesus Supernatural Church of Deliverance, Inc.
Church History
Reverend George Johnson, Founder

 In the year of 1972, there were five women having prayer meeting in a place called Davis Sod Barn. They ask Elder George Johnson to come and preach for them. The meeting began to grow and the church was called Holy Ghost Deliverance Mission. The church grew and later moved to Campbell Store on Hammonville Road, the church continued to grow. Later that year, he ran a revival in Pompano Beach where many were healed, delivered and set free. As a result, the “Jesus Prayer Mission” was formed, known today as the “Jesus Supernatural Church of Deliverance”.

In 1977, God gave Rev. Johnson a vision for the Church he wanted him to build. The Spirit of Prophecy began to manifest himself concerning a place of refuge for a lost and dying world. The Spirit of God moved the church into Supernatural movement saying, Ye shall lend and not borrow.” For I the Lord thy God shall supply all thy needs according to my riches in Glory. As God spoke, Rev. Johnson continued to follow God’s plans and showed him the property that he was to possess and led him to walk the length and width, all by faith. Rev. Johnson prophesied that we would possess every grain of soil that the sole of his feet touched. In the year 1978, the construction began by faith, with God supplying the money at each phase of work. The church was built totally by faith in God and the faithfulness of his people. In June of 1979, the Jesus Supernatural Church of Deliverance was dedicated unto the Lord “Debt-Free” as a result of faith in a Living God.